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Pesticide Free Estate Coffee

No bad after taste but a pleasant gourmet experience

Roundup is a commonly used herbicide to control weeds in this most
vegetated region of Kona. Using Roundup around the root system however,
causes the trees to have several negative effects when it comes to quality
taste. The roots close to the surface area are killed and this is the location
where much of the nutrition gathering root layer is destroyed by use of
herbicides. Furthermore, most practices that I have observed, the
application of Roundup and other herbicides are sprayed close to the trunk
of the trees where the concentration of roots are usually highest.
Additionally, Roundup is a systemic spray that is absorbed by the roots and
circulates in the system of the plant.

We at Country Samurai instead use the weed whacking and riding mower methods of
controlling the weeds. The cut weeds then decompose as organic material
and provide further nutrition to the coffee trees.

These tall mature trees are so healthy that we use no insecticides.
The healthy trees protect themselves through their own strong immune
system and are able to use their own natural anti-bug repellants  to ward off

Since we use no pesticides, we have an abundance of friendly
insects and microorganisms to break down organic material to enrich the
soil with palatable food for the coffee roots.

So, without the use of herbicides and insecticides the trees are able
to draw optimum nutrition from the ground. This in turn develops lush
leaves and branches to extract the oxygen, sunlight, and other nutrition
from above the ground. These combined benefits all lead to the coffee
berries absorbing the maximum nutritional elements and compounds that
our bodies and palate savors--a naturally rich flavored coffee without an
aftertaste thatʼs healthy for you.

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