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Big Mature Arabica Trees

Additional richness is the definition of extravagance.

In all cases, nature has its ways. Our belief is to understand, follow, and adopt it.
Nature has it that coffee is a tree and not a bush or a vine as some have been led to
believe. Our estate trees grow as tall as 18 feet. We are the only farm out of about 600
coffee farms in Kona that practice this old-fashioned natural way of producing coffee.
Bigger, mature trees have a more elaborate and larger root system to draw the natural
nutrients from a deeper and broader source.

This system produces a richer flavor in the coffee cherries it produces. Further,
we enjoy a much higher yield, about five times more per acre than compared to all other
farms in Kona.

The challenge is in the harvesting because ladders are needed to hand pick the
berries from the high branches. The hard work pays off not only by a higher yield per
acre but also the higher quality beans produced which becomes evident when you taste
the flavorful and aromatic coffee.

The entire annual Kona coffee production in comparison to the world
consumption is miniscule, but our Country Samurai estate coffee is the limited edition.
This free range growing method helps define the quality we strive for.

Once the berries are harvested, the quality cannot be improved in any step after
harvesting, much like how wine quality is defined. Its the quality of the grapes when
harvested that defines the quality of wine produced. Once the coffee is harvested, the
quality of taste cannot be improved by the way it is roasted as many believe.  You cannot
have high quality, rich tasting coffee from inferior quality beans.

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