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  1. How is our estate coffee different from other Kona coffees?

  2. How do you brew Kona coffee?

  3. What is our recommendation on grinding coffee beans?

  4. How should roasted coffee be stored?

  5. Doesn't the roasting itself determine the quality of taste of the coffee?

  6. How long does it take for coffee to be shipped and what is the cost of shipping?

  7. Do we ship to Canada?
1. How is our estate coffee different from other Kona coffees?
  1. We produce our own coffee in the most natural, pesticide-free way that no other farms in Kona practices today.
  2. Our ancestral values of honesty, hard work, no short-cuts, and do-your-best attributes are practiced throughout the process from growing to retailing our coffees.
  3. We do not blend, flavor, or decaffeinate our estate coffee.
  4. We sell our coffee by grades of the Hawaii State agricultural official grading standard.
  5. Walter's constant hands-on practice in the field incorporating the best balance of biological, ecological, plant and agricultural sciences result in the finest Kona coffee possible. He never forgets his parents' past practices of growing and processing Kona coffee.
  6. Our customers tell us that we're on the top of the quality list in Kona.
2. How do you brew Kona coffee?

Generally, I recommend using about 50% less when using 100% Kona coffee as
compared to your supermarket type canned coffees. If you use specialty coffees, then
use 10-25% less when using our private reserve coffee. Kona coffee is not only a gourmet
coffee but it is generally a stronger coffee than most other coffees of the world.

Use good bottled water or if your tap water is of high quality, use it. Placing a filter at
your tap will do the job.

Use brewing methods that do not filter out the natural coffee oils. Using gold filters
instead of paper filters will allow the oils to go through the filter. The thin layer of oils on the
surface in your cup adds to the flavor of the coffee.

3. What is our recommendation on grinding coffee beans?

Burr grinders are the best. There may be electric ones or hand crank ones. They
operate by gears resulting in even grinds to any size you desire. The blade grinders are
common but results in uneven grinds or may even burn your grounds by frictionʼs

I recommend grinding the beans finer rather than coarser because you extract more
flavor.  Do not fret over the fine grinds on the botom of your cup-you can eat the
whole roasted bean.

4. How should roasted coffee be stored?

We recommend freezing roasted coffee whether it is in the whole bean or ground form.
Keep your coffee with the least amount of oxidation happening. Vacuum sealing
prevents this, or simply squeezing as much air out of the package also expels the
oxygen from the bag when storing.

You will hear different recommended ways of storing coffee by different coffee
companies. Thatʼs because there is no perfect way to keep roasted coffee beans from
at least some deterioration. I still recommend freezing.

Store your coffee in the bean form until you are ready to brew the coffee.  The bean form
will stay fresher longer.

5. Doesnʼt the roasting itself determine the quality of taste of coffee?

The answer is definitely no. The quality of taste of coffee is determined by the quality of
the beans at the moment the cherries are picked from the trees. The nutritious
soils, high elevation, cool temperature, level of rainfall, irrigation provided when needed, 
and the nurturing they receive will determine the quality of cherries the
trees will bear. You can never make the quality better after harvesting the cherries. 
You try to at least maintain that quality in the subsequent process. However, any part of the
process after that could ruin the good coffee. Roasting is only one of many steps in the entire
process.  Different coffee drinkers prefer different roasts; quality of taste is not determined by its

6. How long does it take for coffee to be shipped from Kona and what is the cost of


When shipping to mainland USA (49 states not including Hawaii) we utilize the U.S. postal
service priority flat rate mail. It is the least costly, timely, and is also very reliable.
Items are shipped the next business day if the item is in stock. West Coast recipients
get their mail in about 2-3 days and East Coast about 4-5 days. Sharlene insulates
chocolates so they donʼt melt on the way.

If you request to have an order shipped by FEDEX or UPS, an arrangement can be made to
accommodate your request.  We also ship by EXPRESS MAIL via the US POSTAL SERVICE.
All Express shipments are 2nd day air from Hawaii, yet the cost is higher.

If you are shipping to friends or family at another address, Sharlene will hand write your
personalized message on a beautiful Hawaiian postcard.

Non USA orders are shipped via USPS mail. Sending an order to any worldwide USA
military address or to any U.S. territories will be at the same low USPS rates.

Hawaii State orders are shipped via first class mail. If you are traveling to anywhere in
Hawaii but cannot visit our store location, email an order to us within two weeks in
advance of your trip and include the dates of stay, hotel address, hotel telephone
number, your telephone number and any necessary information for processing.
Shipping cost within the islands of Hawaii is lowest.

We accept the following credits cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express and

We accept orders by telephone, website, email, and/or by fax.

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