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Honesty and the spirit of excellence is our underlying philosophy

Our grandparents were immigrants from Japan seeking a better life working at

sugar plantations in the Hawaiian Islands. Walter Kunitake is a third generation coffee
grower. His grandparents began Kona coffee growing beginning at about 1910. The
original trees grown from that period are still being farmed by his relatives. His parents
in the 1950ʼs - 1970ʼs operated a large coffee farm with about 10,000 trees. We have
about 600 trees at our Country Samurai estate.


Sharlene Kunitake, the better half, grew up in the city of Honolulu and earned her
degree in business administration (BBA) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a
major in Accounting and also earned her Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Walter earned his BBA, MBA and Ph.D. in business administration. Also a CPA,
he taught at the University of Hawaii and The Pennsylvania State University.

One common thread in this union between Walter and Sharlene was the clear
importance of honesty, hard work and “do your best attitude,” which were all inherited
from our ancestors.

In 1997, we began our full-time commitment to Kona coffee when we opened a
outlet at which time the core values of Country Samurai Coffee Company was established.

We have three children that grew up in the coffee estate journey and they all had
their hands in the spirit of the core values we embraced.

The name, Kunitake, literally translates from “kuni” as country and “take” as
samurai and therein captures the spirit of who we are.

Country Samurai Coffee Company

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