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Composting to the Max

Organic applications is the way to go. Over the past twenty (20)
years, we have been composting with different composting material to
upgrade the soil quality. Macadamia husks, macadamia shells, logs,
organic soil, wood chips, and ground-up green waste from the local county
program have all been applied to the Country Samurai field. All this
application of organic material besides having being located in a natural
soil belt of Holualoa provides for an ideal environment for coffee growing.
Organic material in the soil creates for stable moisture level in the
soil. Additionally, our geographical location at about 1500-1700 feet
elevation provides for a cool near perfect rainfall precipitation level of about
50 inches a year.

In the year 2008 alone, we applied 2000 cubic yards of green waste.
That converts to 10 cubic yards of mulch for every three (3) big Country
Samurai estate trees.

The trees are happy campers with the environment we have nurtured,
developed and embraced. Happy and healthy trees can only produce the
deliciously mild Kona coffee. Pele's volcanic rocky slopes only enhances
the mineral content in the ground.

Even the “non-gourmet” coffee drinkers acknowledge the difference
in flavor of our coffee.

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