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Total Quality Control

An Old Concept Practiced at Country Samurai Today

This limited edition of Country Samuraiʼs Coffee offered is the result
of meticulous efforts placed at every step of the way from growing to
retailing the finest products. Walter, the farmer, turned professor, who
again turned farmer, pays detailed attention in the field. Sharlene, the
better half, also pays close attention to details in her areas of responsibility.

No shortcuts are allowed in any parts of the operation. Since 1997,
when we first began retailing our own coffee, we have learned and
improved on the quality of coffee and service to our customers and best of
all, we have made many personal friends from all over the world.

Our farm contains only six hundred (600) large trees yet produces an
enormous volume of coffee with the superb care we provide them. Our
retail outlet is a small, one room outlet in the heart of Kailua-Kona town.
We are proud to say that we enjoy the many repeat customers visiting our
store and website.

The wonderful feedback we get from our customers have been the
most rewarding since the result we have always strived for are answered
with their many very positive testimonials.

Country Samurai Coffee Company

PO Box 365, Holualoa, Hawaii, 96725 USA

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