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Hawaii Standard Grades

Our reputation for quality is further enhances by being trustworthy and by being
law abiding in following the grading standards of Hawaii. Grading of Kona coffee was
established over sixty (60) years ago by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture.
We follow these standards precisely. The following grades of extra fancy, fancy, No. 1,
prime and peaberry may be legally labeled Kona coffee.

Hawaii No. 3, an off-grade, is lower quality coffee that we market separately as a
non-Kona coffee at an appropriate price.

Most of the Kona coffee offered by other businesses do not grade their coffee, so the
No. 3ʼs and off-grade are included with the rest of the beans. Since we do not blend,
flavor, or decaffeinate our estate coffee, all our Country Samurai extra fancy, fancy,
No. 1, prime and peaberry are all estate, private reserve, 100% pure pesticide-free
Kona coffee.

Following the standards is important because different grades produce different

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